Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Ribbons

Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Welcome to OmegaBrand.com, your one-stop destination for Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printer Ribbons. At OmegaBrand Sales Corporation, we take pride in offering our LabelJET series of thermal transfer ribbons specifically designed to work seamlessly with Zebra 2-inch wide thermal transfer label printers. What's more, these high-quality ribbons are also compatible with 2-inch printers manufactured by TSC and Godex.

Our extensive selection of Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printer Ribbons includes wax, wax/resin, and resin options, ensuring that you'll find the perfect ribbon to meet your specific printing needs. Whether you require crisp and clear labels for product packaging, shipping labels with exceptional durability, or barcodes that withstand harsh environments, we have you covered.

Experience unparalleled print quality and exceptional performance with our Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printer Ribbons. Our ribbons come on 1/2" cores with the ink side coated OUT (CSO), allowing for hassle-free installation and smooth printing operations. We understand the importance of compatibility, which is why our ribbons are designed to work flawlessly with leading brands of 2-inch wide barcode label printers.

Here are some of the leading brands and models of 2-inch printers that are fully compatible with our ribbons:

  • For TSC 2-inch thermal transfer label printers: TTP-225, TTP-323
  • For Godex 2-inch thermal transfer label printers: RT200, RT200i, RT230i,
  • For Zebra 2-inch thermal transfer label printers: TLP 2824 Series, TLP 2824 Plus, ZD411t, ZD611t, ZD611t-HC

Unlock the full potential of your Zebra, TSC, or Godex 2-inch wide thermal transfer label printers with our top-of-the-line ribbons. Shop now and elevate your printing experience with OmegaBrand.com.

Discover the Distinctions in Wax, Wax/Resin, and Resin Ribbons for Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printer Ribbons

When it comes to printing labels or tags with your Zebra 2-inch barcode label printers, selecting the right ribbon is essential for achieving optimal results. At OmegaBrand.com, we offer a range of ribbon options, each tailored to excel in specific applications and with different label materials.

Wax Ribbons:

Our wax ribbons are designed without any resin content. However, we have enhanced our wax ribbon with a small amount of resin, approximately 1%, to provide greater durability and more vibrant blacks. Wax ribbons are an economical choice for general-purpose labeling. They work well with a wide variety of label materials, including plain paper and matte synthetics. Ideal for barcode labels, shipping labels, and retail tags where moderate durability is required.

Wax/Resin Ribbons:

Our wax/resin ribbons contain approximately 50% resin content, offering an excellent balance between durability and versatility. These ribbons provide better resistance to smudging, scratching, and moderate levels of chemical exposure. Compatible with coated paper, synthetic paper, and some polyesters, wax/resin ribbons are commonly used for product labeling, inventory management, and compliance labeling.

Resin Ribbons:

Our resin ribbons are 100% resin, providing the utmost durability for outdoor labeling, chemical labeling, and harsh environment applications. They offer excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and extreme environmental conditions. Resin ribbons are recommended for printing on synthetic materials like polyester and polypropylene, as well as specialized labels such as asset tags, pharmaceutical labels, and industrial labels.

By understanding the distinctions between wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons, you can select the ideal ribbon for your specific printing needs. At OmegaBrand.com, we offer Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printer Ribbons that ensure professional results. Choose the right ribbon to enhance your labeling and tagging capabilities today.

Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Ribbons with 1/2" Core, Ink Coated OUT / CSO

SKU Ribbon Type Size Roll/Case
LJ00035 Wax 2.25" x 243ft / 57mm x 74m 12
LJ39161 Wax 2.2" x 243ft / 56mm x 74m 12
LJ39191 Wax/Resin 2.2" x 243ft / 56mm x 74m 12
LJ39231 Resin 2.2" x 243ft / 56mm x 74m 12