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Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500 Ink Cartridges | SJIC35P

Epson CW-C5000 Ink Cartridges | SJIC35P Available at OmegaBrand

Welcome to the specialized category of Epson CW-C5000 Ink Cartridges | SJIC35P, brought to you by OmegaBrand Sales Corporation. Our carefully curated selection ensures that you have access to the best-quality, authentic Epson ink cartridges, specifically designed for the Epson ColorWorks series printers.

The Specialized Ink for CW-C6500 Series

Matte and Gloss Black Inks: Tailored for Specific Needs

Discover the precision of Epson's specialized ink cartridges for the CW-C6500 series. The Matte Black Ink is formulated for use exclusively with the CW-C6500 Matte version printer, providing sharp, non-reflective prints. In contrast, the Gloss Black Ink is perfect for the CW-C6500 Gloss model, delivering high-quality prints with a glossy finish. These inks are uniquely designed for their respective printer models, ensuring optimal performance and print quality.

Vibrant Color Cartridges: Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow

Alongside the black ink cartridges, we offer the Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow ink cartridges for the CW-C5000 series. These colors work together to produce vibrant, lifelike prints for a variety of applications, from product labels to promotional materials.

Essential Maintenance with the CW-C6500 Maintenance Box

The CW-C6500 Maintenance Box is an integral part of maintaining your Epson ColorWorks printer. It efficiently collects waste ink during printhead cleaning, ensuring that your printer remains in optimal condition for consistent, high-quality output.

Epson UltraChrome® DL Pigment Ink: Durability and Quality

Epson's UltraChrome® DL pigment ink is renowned for its durability and resistance to smudging, water, and fading. Ideal for prints that need to endure over time, this ink ensures that every print maintains its vibrancy and quality, making it an excellent choice for various professional printing needs.

For best results, use these ink cartridges with our CW-C65000 Inkjet Labels, designed to complement the Epson ColorWorks series and ensure the highest quality and consistency in your prints.

Epson CW-C65000 Pigment Ink Cartridges

MPN Ink Type Color
C13T44B120 SJIC35P(BK) - 80mL CW-C6500 Ink Cartridge - Black - Gloss
C13T44B520 SJIC35P(MK) - 80mL CW-C6500 Ink Cartridge - Black - Matte
C13T44B220 SJIC35P(C) - 80mL CW-C6500 Ink Cartridge - Cyan
C13T44B320 SJIC35P(M) - 80mL CW-C6500 Ink Cartridge - Magenta
C13T44B420 SJIC35P(Y) - 80mL CW-C6500 Ink Cartridge - Yellow
C33S021501 SJMB6000/6500 CW-C6500 Maintenance Box