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Optimize Your Printing with Epson ColorWorks Printer Accessories

Comprehensive Accessory Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

At OmegaBrand, we offer a range of Epson ColorWorks Printer Accessories designed to enhance and streamline your label printing operations. For the ColorWorks CW-C6000 and CW-C6500 color label printers, we provide additional media spindles, enabling quicker and more efficient media changes. For users of the ColorWorks TM-C7500, our label rewinder/takeup system is a crucial add-on for managing large-volume roll-to-roll print jobs with ease. We also offer a replacement autocutter for the ColorWorks CW-C4000 to ensure continuous high-quality printing. To accommodate various paper sizes and types, the ColorWorks CW-C4000's dedicated paper tray is an essential accessory for businesses requiring diverse printing solutions. Additionally, for enhanced connectivity, we offer a WiFi dongle specifically for the ColorWorks CW-C4000, facilitating wireless printing and integration into your existing network. These accessories are designed to extend the functionality of your Epson ColorWorks color inkjet label printers, ensuring that your business can operate at peak efficiency and adapt to any printing task.

MPN Accessories Description
C32C881301 Media Spindle 4" Extra media spindle for C6000 printers
C32C881101 Media Spindle 8" Extra media spindle for C6500 printers
C32C815471 TU-RC7508 Take-up Unit Take-up for C7500 / C7500G
C32C815473 Dust Roller Optional Dust roller for C7500 / C7500G
C32C882201 Autocutter unit OT-CU40 Replacement autocutter for C4000
C32C882101 Paper tray OT-PT40 Paper tray for C4000
C32C891321 OT-WL06 WiFi dongle WiFi dongle for C4000