Zebra 4-Inch Desktop Ribbons

Zebra 4-Inch Desktop Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Welcome to the Zebra 4-Inch Desktop Printer Ribbons category page at OmegaBrand.com. Explore our wide selection of thermal transfer ribbons designed specifically for Zebra desktop printers that utilize ribbons with 1/2 inch core and 74-meter length, as well as 1-inch core and 300-meter length. We offer a range of ribbon options, including wax, wax/resin, and resin, to cater to diverse printing needs.

Our wax ribbons provide cost-effective solutions for general-purpose labeling, while our wax/resin ribbons offer a balance between durability and versatility. For demanding applications that require exceptional durability and resistance, our resin ribbons are the ideal choice. Regardless of the ribbon type, you can trust in our high-quality products to deliver crisp prints, excellent durability, and superior performance.

Browse our collection and discover the perfect Zebra 4-Inch Desktop Printer Ribbon for your labeling requirements. Elevate your printing experience and achieve professional results with OmegaBrand.com, your trusted destination for premium thermal transfer ribbons.

Zebra 4-Desktop Ribbons with 74m and 1/2" Core

SKU Ribbon Type Size Roll/Case
LJ00007 Wax 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 8
LJ39160 Wax 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 12
LJ39190 Wax/Resin 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 12
LJ39234 Resin 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 12

Compatible Printers by Brand for Zebra 4-Desktop Ribbons with 74m and 1/2" Core

  • Zebra 4-inch Desktop Printers: ZD240t, ZD500, ZD500R, ZD620t, TLP 2824 Series, TLP 2824 Plus, TLP 2844, TLP244-Z, TLP 3842, TLP 3844-Z, GT800, R2844-Z
  • Godex 4-inch Desktop Printers: G300, G330, GE300, GE330
  • TSC 4-inch Desktop Printers: TE310, TE300, TE210, TE200, TC210, TC310, TTP-244CE

Zebra 4-Desktop Ribbons with 300m and 1" Core

SKU Ribbon Type Size Roll/Case
LJ39147 Wax 4.33" x 984 ft / 110mm x 300m 24
LJ39185 Wax/Resin 4.33" x 984 ft / 110mm x 300m 24
LJ39226 Resin 4.33" x 984 ft / 110mm x 300m 24

Printer Compatibility and Versatility: Zebra 300m Ribbons

Unlocking printer compatibility and versatility, our Zebra 300m ribbons offer a seamless solution for various Zebra desktop printers. Compatible with models such as the ZD420t, ZD421t, ZD620t, and ZD-620t-HC, these ribbons provide exceptional performance. These printers can also effortlessly accommodate both 74-meter ribbons with 1/2" cores and longer 300-meter ribbons with 1-inch cores using the Zebra P1080383-231 Ribbon Adapter. This versatility allows you to adapt your printing setup to meet specific requirements. Trust OmegaBrand.com for your labeling needs and experience the convenience and flexibility provided by our Zebra-compatible 300m ribbons.