Zebra Printers

Buy a Zebra label printer for your printing needs

If there’s a barcode label printer that exceeds all expectations and is affordable for everyone, it’s one of Zebra’s products. At OmegaBrand, we are honored to be an authorized partner of this brand in North America. This status enables us to have the latest Zebra Technologies label printers in stock, provide brand-backed support for various printing use cases, and offer professional assistance in selecting the perfect unit for the job.

Shop Zebra’s well-known printers that have caused a stir in your industry, or invest in new models poised to rise to any printing challenge. We carry all the brand’s major series, so you can avail yourself of Zebra’s legacy and innovation packed into the same product.

Desktop printers

Zebra desktop printers strike a happy medium between the brand’s portable units and heavy-duty models. The ZD600 and ZD400 series fit the bill for moderate printing needs and applications that require up to 500 labels per day. You’ll love these Zebra barcode printers for:

  • Relatively compact designs that can fit small workspaces
  • Short ribbons and label rolls with 1-inch cores for efficiency in your printing tasks
  • RFID models with tag encoding functionality
  • Time-tested performance in healthcare, logistics, entertainment, and other industries

In its desktop lineup, Zebra has also introduced wristband units for face-up printing and identification. For example, its ZD51013 is second to none for cranking out wristbands in schools, healthcare settings, or amusement parks. It can speed up your identification processes and help track visitors, students, or patients within your facility.

Industrial printers

Zebra industrial printers are the most capable setups for heavy-duty printing. They are like armored trains that can do well in any environment while producing 1500 labels per day. You’re on solid ground with these Zebra shipping label printers if you’re looking for:

  • Setups that can handle higher-volume printing needs in industrial settings
  • Printers for label rolls with 3-inch cores and a maximum 8-inch outer diameter, along with 450-meter ribbons on one-inch cores
  • Additional reliability and outstanding value for the long term
  • Units that can be coupled with disparate software systems

Owning a Zebra barcode label printer with industrial-grade features feels like having a smart, tireless companion on the job site. It can be there 24/7 while printing tons of barcodes for your goods as you remotely configure and manage it for each particular task.

Mobile printers

Are you tired of dragging a 40-lb powerhouse to print 10 receipts at the point of sale? Save yourself the effort with Zebra mobile printers. They will make everything much easier, including taking a unit to where you print and getting through the preparation steps to start printing.

Portable Zebra label printers are convenience enhancers in dynamic environments. You’ll appreciate them for:

  • On-the-fly configuration and connectivity
  • Streamlined printing process without ink, toner, or ribbons
  • Battery-operated performance that doesn’t require multiple recharging cycles per day
  • Adaptability for various mobile devices and software
  • Ease of switching between different printing tasks like price marking in retail settings, patient tracking in healthcare facilities, and managing shipping processes in logistics

You can find these Zebra color label printers in two models: standard and linerless. Notably, they are tailored to work efficiently with 0.75" core mobile labels, ensuring no-hassle integration into numerous business operations.

Find your match today

A super-sturdy Zebra thermal label printer for an abundance of barcodes or an easy-to-carry model? Shorter or longer ribbons? It may take some time until you know which Zebra printer is your top choice. But no matter how long it takes, OmegaBrand will always be here for genuine setups, labels, ribbons, and barcode labeling software.