Linerless Desktop Printers

Linerless printers for a better way to print and apply labels

Label-release liners do not have to get in the way of your recycling or efficiency endeavors. Linerless label printers are here to mark a transition to cleaner tags and stickers that are ready to be used and attached the moment they slide off. This technology is being widely adopted by eco-conscious businesses and those looking to reduce production waste and rationalize costs.

If you still print tags the old-fashioned way, it’s time to upgrade. GoDEX and Seiko have no shortage of liner-free units that are synonymous with optimization.

Benefits of linerless barcode label technology

Traditional devices require you to manually peel and apply each label, which takes forever and results in wasted labels. Linerless units print directly onto the label material, so you just tear off a piece and stick it. They will easily fit into your existing infrastructure.

While this technology has been used commercially for years, now may be the best time to adopt a linerless label printer. Advanced features have been recently developed to make the benefits of liner-free technology even more pronounced for businesses of all sizes:

  • Stick resistance. Labeling materials use a special adhesive that only sticks once pressure is applied. This prevents tags from sticking to each other on the roll or in the printer.
  • Green solution. Linerless labels are environmentally friendly since there is no liner to throw away after printing. The average label printer may waste up to 30-50% of the material, but this technology can offset your losses.
  • Small but mighty design. Linerless desktop devices, like GoDEX DT4L or Seiko SLP720RT, are compact and perfect for small-scale labeling. They pack a performance punch and are engineered to handle hundreds of liner-free labels per day.
  • Connectivity. If you want a linerless printer that supports Wi-Fi, it doesn’t have to be a $5,000 one. Today, many models offer dual USB and Wi-Fi or Ethernet and Wi-Fi while remaining in the affordable category.

Even if you are involved in retail, manufacturing, or healthcare and need to keep up with large inventory, linerless printers for sale allow you to print and apply stickers in one smooth motion. This technology is changing labeling operations by enabling you to print quality stickers on demand and skip the trouble of peeling.

What you should know before ordering

With your budget considerations in mind, you can get free standard shipping within the continental US and Canada on all units priced at $500+. For smaller orders, we charge a modest flat rate.

You will receive your linerless label printer in the twinkling of an eye. Most orders leave our warehouse within a couple of days. If you want to stay updated, you can log into your OmegaBrand account and track everything you purchase with us.

While all printing equipment is said to be created to last, we understand that technology can be temperamental. That’s why you will get a warranty and technical support on all the linerless printers for sale.