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Epson ColorWorks Extended Warranty

Epson Preferred Plus Return to Depot Extended Warranty for Epson ColorWorks Printers

Enhance Your Warranty Coverage

At OmegaBrand, we understand the importance of long-term reliability and support for your printing investments. That's why we offer the Preferred Plus Return to Depot for Repair extended warranty plans for all Epson ColorWorks printers. Initially equipped with a standard one-year return to depot warranty, these printers' coverage can be extended to 2, 3, or even 5 years by purchasing the 1-year, 2-year, or 4-year extended plan at the time of the printer purchase. This proactive approach in securing an extended warranty ensures not only peace of mind but also guarantees continued high-quality service and support for your Epson ColorWorks printer, safeguarding your business against unforeseen issues and maintaining consistent operational efficiency.

Maximize Uptime with Epson ColorWorks SITA Extended Warranty

Reliable Support When You Need It Most

For businesses where continuous operation is critical, OmegaBrand offers the Epson ColorWorks Preferred Plus Spare-In-The-Air (SITA) extended warranty options. This plan is designed to minimize downtime and ensure your operations keep running smoothly. If you encounter any issues with your Epson ColorWorks label printer that can't be resolved over the phone, Epson will expedite a replacement printer for next business day delivery under the SITA warranty. This quick replacement service is crucial for mission-critical jobs, ensuring that you’re never without a printer when you need it most. Available in 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year plans, the SITA warranty is our most popular option for Epson ColorWorks printers, providing our customers with the assurance and reliability they require for their essential printing tasks.

Epson Preferred Plus On-Site Repair Service for Uninterrupted Operations

Efficient and Convenient Printer Maintenance

Understanding the need for swift and efficient printer maintenance, OmegaBrand offers the Epson Preferred Plus On-Site Repair Service for the ColorWorks C6000, C6500, and TM-C7500 series color label printers. This premium service ensures that if any issues arise, Epson will dispatch a qualified service technician directly to your facility, providing this vital support across the USA and Canada. Ideal for businesses that require immediate on-site assistance, this warranty option is available in 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year plans. It covers all major centers across the continental USA and Canada, guaranteeing quick and professional service right where you need it. Choosing the On-Site Repair Service means prioritizing uptime and productivity for your business, ensuring that your printing operations are maintained with minimal disruption.

Epson ColorWorks Printers Extended Warranty Options - Must be purchased with printer

Preferred Plus Return for Repair
MPN Printer Term
EPPCWC4000R1 C4000 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC4000R2 C4000 2-Year Plan
EPPCWC4000R4 C4000 4-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000R1 C6000 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000R2 C6000 2-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000R4 C6000 4-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500R1 C6500 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500R2 C6500 2-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500R4 C6500 4-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500R1 C7500 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500R2 C7500 2-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500R4 C7500 4-Year Plan
Preferred Plus Spare-In-The-Air  (SITA)
MPN Printer Term
EPPCWC4000SITA C4000 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC4000SITA3 C4000 3-Year Plan
EPPCWC4000SITA5 C4000 5-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000SITA C6000 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000SITA3 C6000 3-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000SITA5 C6000 5-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500SITA C6500 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500SITA3 C6500 3-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500SITA5 C6500 5-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500SITA C7500 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500SITA3 C7500 3-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500SITA5 C7500 5-Year Plan
Preferred Plus On-Site Repair Service
MPN Printer  Term
EPPCWC6000S1 C6000 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000S3 C6000 3-Year Plan
EPPCWC6000S5 C6000 5-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500S1 C6500 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500S3 C6500 3-Year Plan
EPPCWC6500S5 C6500 5-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500S1 C7500 1-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500S3 C7500 3-Year Plan
EPPCWC7500S5 C7500 5-Year Plan