CW-C4000 Labels

CW-C4000 Inkjet Labels

Explore the Versatility of CW-C4000 Labels at OmegaBrand

Comprehensive Range of CW-C4000 Labels

OmegaBrand presents an extensive selection of high-quality labels designed specifically for the Epson CW-C4000 inkjet label printer. Our range includes matte paper, high gloss paper, matte polypropylene, glossy polypropylene, and glossy polyester labels in various colors like white, clear, silver, and gold. Additionally, we offer specialty tags such as matte name badges and high gloss tags ideal for printing vibrant photos.

High-Durability CW-C4000 Chemical Labels

OmegaBrand is proud to offer GHS BS5609 certified chemical labels for use with both the Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 Matte and Gloss printers. These labels are engineered to meet the most stringent durability standards, ensuring resilience against harsh environmental conditions. While both printer versions yield exceptional results, the Matte CW-C4000 stands out for producing an even more durable black print. This makes it an ideal choice for industries requiring robust and long-lasting labels, such as chemical manufacturing, where label legibility and adherence to safety regulations are paramount. Trust OmegaBrand's chemical labels to maintain integrity and readability in challenging conditions, solidifying your commitment to safety and quality.

Variety of Formats and Sizes

  • Standard Rolls: All our labels come on convenient 4-inch diameter rolls, fitting perfectly in the CW-C4000's front roll holder compartment.
  • Fanfolded Labels: For alternative feeding options, we provide fanfolded labels that can be fed from the rear of the CW-C4000 printers.
  • Label Unwinder: Expand your printing capabilities with our optional Label Unwinder, compatible with larger 6-inch OD and 8-inch OD label rolls. This tool allows for continuous feeding from the back of the printer, making it ideal for high-volume printing tasks.

Perfect Match for Your Printing Needs

Whether you're handling product labeling, branding, or creating custom tags, our CW-C4000 labels are designed to meet a wide array of needs. They ensure high-quality prints with every use, complementing the capabilities of your Epson CW-C4000 printer.

Note for CW-C4000 Matte Printer Users

For those using the Epson CW-C4000 Matte printer, please note that we recommend matte labels for the best results. While our glossy polypropylene and glossy polyester labels are of top quality, they are ideally suited for use with the CW-C4000 Gloss model.