Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels (No Ribbon Required) for all the leading Mobile, Desktop and Industrial barcode printers from Zebra, SATO, Datamax, Intermec, TSC, Godex, Printronix, Toshiba.....

OmegaBrand: Your Trusted Supplier for Superior Direct Thermal Barcode Labels

Welcome to OmegaBrand Sales Corporation! We provide an extensive range of Direct Thermal Barcode Labels, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. Compatible with leading thermal printer manufacturers, our labels offer top-notch quality and consistency.

Demystifying Direct Thermal Labels

Our Direct Thermal Labels use a heat-sensitive coating that reacts to the thermal print head's heat, creating crisp images and text without the need for ribbons. Available in standard paper and robust synthetic polypropylene options, these barcode labels are a cost-effective, high-quality solution for numerous applications.

Compatibility with Desktop Direct Thermal Printers

We offer rolls of Direct Thermal Barcode Labels perfectly suited for desktop thermal printers. With a 1-inch core and maximum outer diameters (OD) of 4 and 5 inches, as well as convenient fanfolded labels, these labels ensure effortless compatibility with all major desktop thermal printer brands.

Fulfilling Needs of Industrial Direct Thermal Printers

For industrial direct thermal printers, we provide large-sized label rolls with a 3-inch core and a maximum OD of 8 inches. We also offer fanfolded labels designed to work seamlessly with these robust printers, guaranteeing optimal quality and flexibility.

Ideal for Mobile Direct Thermal Printers

For mobile direct thermal printers, we provide labels with a 0.75-inch core and a roll OD ranging from 1.75" to 2.5". These labels are designed to be fully compatible with various mobile printer brands, ensuring your printing tasks are always performed efficiently and effectively.

Injecting Color into Your Direct Thermal Labels

In addition to the standard white Direct Thermal Labels, OmegaBrand also offers colored or floodcoated options. Add a splash of color to your labeling process with our colored labels, available for desktop, mobile, and industrial direct thermal printers. These labels can enhance organization and visual recognition, making your day-to-day operations even more streamlined.

Experience the OmegaBrand Advantage

At OmegaBrand, we're dedicated to ensuring that all your printing requirements are met with the best solutions. Our Direct Thermal Barcode Labels, including the popular 4x6 direct thermal shipping labels, deliver outstanding performance and broad compatibility with all major thermal printer manufacturers. Discover our wide selection today and boost your business productivity with OmegaBrand's exceptional direct thermal barcode labels.