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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for VIPColor label printers. Discover our lineup of high-speed industrial color inkjet printers featuring Memjet technology, designed to elevate your label printing experience. Let's explore the differences between the VP500 and VP610 models, as well as the distinctions between the VP550 and VP660 printers:

VP500 vs. VP610: Power and Efficiency

The VP500 and VP610 both utilize Memjet's standard dye inks, delivering vibrant colors and exceptional print quality. The main difference lies in their print speed and ink capacity. The VP610 boasts a faster print speed of 12 inches per second (ips) and is equipped with larger 250 ml ink cartridges, ensuring uninterrupted printing for high-volume label production. In contrast, the VP500 prints at 8 ips and uses 200 ml ink cartridges, providing excellent performance for various labeling needs.

VP550 vs. VP660: Enhanced Water Resistance

Both the VP550 and VP660 models utilize Memjet's Enhanced Water Resistant Dye Inks, offering superior water resistance compared to standard dye inks. The VP660 showcases a faster print speed of 12 ips and utilizes 250 ml ink cartridges, enabling efficient and rapid label production. On the other hand, the VP550 prints at 8 ips and uses 200 ml ink cartridges, striking a balance between speed and performance.

Unlock the potential of VIPColor label printers with Experience the power of high-quality, high-speed label printing for your business. Trust us to provide you with top-notch printing solutions that deliver exceptional color labels, remarkable speed, and outstanding durability. Elevate your label printing capabilities with VIPColor and choose the model that best suits your needs.