CW-C6000 4-Inch

Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 Color Label Printers

ColorWorks CW-C6000 Matte Vs. Gloss Label Printers

The Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 printers offers two distinct ink types: Matte and Gloss. The primary difference lies in the black ink. The Matte Black ink, ideal for GHS BS5609 chemical industry labels, ensures durable and darker barcodes on matte labels. On the other hand, the Gloss Black ink is tailored for glossy labels such as polypropylene and glossy polyester, making it perfect for retail products like specialty foods, coffee, and vitamin supplements.

Models: CW-C6000A with Auto Cutter and CW-C6000P with Peel-and-Present

The CW-C6000A model features an Auto Cutter, suitable for printing on continuous label rolls and cutting to desired lengths. The CW-C6000P, with its Peel-and-Present feature, is designed for assembly line applications, where labels are printed and presented for immediate application on products.

Print Technology of CW-C6000 Label Printer

The ColorWorks CW-C6000 utilizes advanced serial pigment inkjet PrecisionCore TFP technology, supporting prints up to 4.25 inches wide. It uses Epson UltraChrome® DL pigment ink in four separate cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), ensuring high-quality, vibrant prints.

Available Labels for CW-C6000

All labels are compatible with both Matte and Gloss ink versions, with a recommendation to use Gloss inks for polyester labels.

Epson CW-C6000 Pigment Ink Cartridges

The CW-C6000 series uses the following Epson UltraChrome® DL pigment ink cartridges:

  • Epson SJIC35P(C) - Cyan Pigment Ink Cartridge
  • Epson SJIC35P(M) - Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge
  • Epson SJIC35P(Y) - Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge
  • Epson SJIC35P(K) - Black Gloss Pigment Ink Cartridge (For Gloss version)
  • Epson SJIC35P(MK) - Black Matte Pigment Ink Cartridge (For Matte version)
  • Epson SJMB6000 Maintenance Box

Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 Color Label Printer Overview

  • Reliability and industry-leading support
  • Color upgrade to black-and-white thermal transfer printers
  • Enhanced productivity with speeds up to 5" per second
  • Astounding image quality up to 1200 dpi
  • Seamless integration with various systems
  • Remote printer management for large fleets
  • Included Auto Cutter (CW-C6000A models) for on-demand applications or Peeler (CW-C6000P models)
  • Includes Applicator I/O control port for automated workflow setup
  • Cost-effectiveness and BS 5609 certification

What's in the ColorWorks CW-C6000 Printer Box

  • New Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 pigment inkjet color label printer printer
  • AC power cord for US and Canada
  • Four CMYK full-capacity ink cartridges
  • One Maintenance box
  • How to setup instruction sheet

Innovative Color Upgrade for Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printers

The Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 Color Inkjet Label Printer marks a significant advancement in label printing technology. As the first printer designed specifically to offer a color alternative to traditional black-and-white thermal transfer printers, the CW-C6000 stands out in the market. This innovative printer allows businesses to transition seamlessly from monochrome to vibrant, full-color label printing without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. The ability to produce 4" color labels on-demand and at a price point comparable to thermal transfer printing is a game-changer for industries relying on high-quality label production.

Exceptional Speed and Quality

Speed and quality are paramount in label printing, and the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 excels in both. Engineered for mission-critical applications where time and accuracy are crucial, this printer operates at impressive speeds, producing labels at up to 5 inches per second. This rapid output does not compromise the quality, as the CW-C6000 boasts a high resolution of up to 1200 dpi. The result is crisp, clear images and text that rival the quality of pre-printed labels, making it ideal for applications where brand image and product information clarity are vital.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

Understanding the diverse needs of modern businesses, the Epson CW-C6000 is built for versatility and ease of integration. It supports a range of applications and is compatible with various systems, including ZPL II and SAP®, ensuring it fits seamlessly into existing workflows. The printer’s capability for remote management is a significant advantage, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently and respond quickly to changing label demands. Whether it’s in a manufacturing environment, a retail setting, or for logistics purposes, the CW-C6000 adapts effortlessly to different business needs.

Advanced Features for Diverse Applications

The Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 comes equipped with features that enhance its functionality and user experience. Models with an auto cutter (CW-C6000A) are ideal for creating variable length labels, providing flexibility for different labeling requirements. This feature also enables easy job separation, improving workflow efficiency. Alternatively, models with a Peeler (CW-C6000P) are designed for quick and effortless peeling of labels, speeding up the application process. These advanced features underscore the CW-C6000’s role as a versatile and efficient solution for various labeling tasks, from product labels to shipping labels and beyond.

Peel-and-Present in Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P

Innovative Peel-and-Present Feature in CW-C6000P Models

Epson's ColorWorks CW-C6000P models introduce the groundbreaking peel-and-present feature, a first in the realm of color inkjet printers. This advanced functionality significantly accelerates the process of manual label application, enhancing efficiency in various business settings. The integrated label-taking sensor in these models plays a pivotal role in this feature. It intelligently pauses the printing process until the previously printed label is removed. This smart operation ensures a seamless flow in label production, particularly beneficial for high-volume, on-demand labeling tasks. The peel-and-present feature is especially advantageous for businesses employing fully automated label application systems, streamlining their operations and reducing manual intervention.

Streamlining Label Application with CW-C6000P

The peel-and-present capability of the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000P models represents a significant leap in label printing technology, catering to the evolving needs of modern enterprises. This feature eliminates the necessity of a loose loop, a common requirement in traditional label printing setups. By doing so, it allows for the immediate removal and application of individual labels as they are printed, drastically reducing the time between printing and application. This efficient system not only speeds up the overall process but also minimizes the potential for label wastage and errors. The CW-C6000P models, with their peel-and-present feature, are therefore an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their labeling processes, ensuring faster turnaround times and increased productivity.

Auto Cutter in Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000A Label Printers

Advanced Auto Cutter Technology in ColorWorks CW-C6000A Models

The Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000A pigment inkjet color label printers revolutionize label printing with their advanced 4-Inch-built-in auto-cutter feature. This cutting-edge technology extends across the full range of label sizes, empowering businesses to create variable-length labels with precision and ease. The auto-cutter not only facilitates easy job separation but also significantly enhances the operational efficiency of label printing. By enabling the production of custom-sized labels on demand, the ColorWorks CW-C6000A printers offer a substantial advantage over traditional pre-printed label systems, leading to cost savings and reduced label inventory requirements. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking flexibility and cost-effectiveness in their labeling processes.

Cost-Efficiency and Versatility with ColorWorks CW-C6000A’s Auto-Cutter

The inclusion of the auto-cutter in the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000A label printers presents a significant shift towards more economical and versatile label printing solutions. The ability to produce labels of varying lengths on demand directly translates to cost and inventory reductions. This versatility eliminates the need to stock multiple pre-printed label sizes, reducing waste and optimizing inventory management. The ColorWorks CW-C6000A's auto cutter is a testament to Epson's commitment to providing innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly printing solutions. Businesses utilizing these printers can expect not only to streamline their label production process but also to achieve a better return on investment through reduced label costs and minimized waste.

Enhance Roll-To-Roll Printing with Epson CW-C6000A and Optional Label Rewinder

Optimize your roll-to-roll printing capabilities with the Epson CW-C6000A color label printer. Expand your setup with our label unwinder and label rewinder, as well as a junction plate, each available for individual purchase. These additions support the use of larger label rolls up to a 10-inch outer diameter, greatly enhancing your production efficiency. Integrating these accessories into your Epson CW-C6000A setup not only streamlines your operations but also maximizes output, allowing for a continuous and efficient labeling process.

CW-C6000 label rewinder and label unwinder kit

Part Number Description
99455 Label Rewinder for Epson CW-C6000A printer - will rewind the labels onto a core as they are printed.
99456 Label Unwinder for Epson CW-C6000A printer - Use this if you want to use larger 10" OD label rolls. Will feed labels to the printer from behind. Unwinds the labels and feeds them to the C6000A printer.
99457 Junction plate. allows you to align the Unwinder, printer and rewinder in a straight paper path