TSC Barcode Printers

Get a TSC printer to marry mobility and productivity

TSC printing solutions are the gold standard for tasks that are not limited to office settings. Whether you are about to stick eye-catching labels onto warehouse inventory or print on-the-spot receipts for shoppers, TSC thermal printers ensure flawless, issue-free results wherever you are.

These compact yet dependable devices are designed to withstand the demands of an entire workday and serve as versatile printing solutions. They fit the bill for barcodes and labels directly at the point of application and bring cord-free convenience to your workflows.

TSC mobile printers: Designed to work off the grid

Thanks to TSC’s tech-first components, the brand’s printers – like the Alpha Series – bring in top-notch quality for anything you print. Whether you opt for black-and-white or full-color options, TSC barcode printers excel in delivering it for multiple hours without you having to bother with recharging.

Take TSC Alpha-40L. This printer will easily accompany you throughout the working hours during the day, as its smart battery packs over 20 hours of printing. That’s a common advantage among TSC products across all configurations, as well as:

  • Compatibility. Despite their bare-bones designs, TSC Alpha printers have a lot to impress you with. Working at a speed of 5 ips, they ensure dazzling output across multiple media types.
  • High resolution. The brand proves that fantastic resolution and a palm-friendly size are not mutually exclusive. Each TSC thermal label printer is up for crisp and clear prints while being a breeze to carry.
  • Thermal printing. TSC’s portable printers don’t depend on ink and toners. They work by applying heat to special-purpose paper, delivering on-the-spot results and saving you time on cartridge replacement.
  • Versatile connectivity. Equipped with USB ports and MicroSD slots, these printers guarantee fast data transfer from laptops and memory cards. All versions of TSC Alpha barcode printers are also made with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.
  • Long-lasting power. Their batteries bring forward real-time updates on the remaining juice and allow uninterrupted printing operations for up to 24 hours. This makes TSC Alpha models a must-have in power-limited environments.

For this and other series of TSC label printers, browse OmegaBrand. Our range of devices and accessories can underpin all printing needs.

Simplify printing in a variety of industries

Compact and lightweight, TSC units work seamlessly wherever your business takes you. They are virtually priceless for industries like retail, healthcare, warehousing, and logistics, where they are praised for being speedy and cost-effective. They are perfect for printing barcodes, receipts, labels, and RFID tags both indoors and outdoors.

OmegaBrand is happy to become your supplier of TSC label printers in North America. Discover the brand’s budget-friendly mobile setups and choose the series that includes RFID and other features that matter to your applications. Whatever printing unit you go for, we’ll ship it within 2 business days throughout the US or Canada.

Please note that the final price of a TSC barcode printer may vary depending on the device series, add-ons, and delivery options you pick.