Color Label Printers

Color label printers – Stop compromising on color quality

There are two types of people when it comes to color label printers: those who imagine a palm-sized device and those who envision a beefy industrial-grade machine. And both types are not mistaken. Today, color label makers range from small and portable printers to solid, 90-lb all-rounders like this Epson TM-C7500G. The only right way to take your pick is to know what you’re looking for in color intensity, flexibility, value, and printing quantities.

OmegaBrand is replete with the best color label printers for businesses. Bring the most impressive colors onto your product stickers or barcodes and embrace agility with built-in design systems, automatic cutters, and peelers. Choose the unit that fits your modular desk, office table, or warehouse space – your options are numerous for all intended applications.

Top brands for color label makers/printers

Even though new players are common in the printing equipment industry, they are unlikely to drive Epson and VIPColor out in the foreseeable future. These brands are trendsetting and dominate the market with innovative colour label printer series that other models look up to. They are top picks among small businesses, paper-reliant organizations, and other users.

To help you make your color printing instantly rewarding, we are well-supplied by both Epson printers and VIPColor printers. Here’s what distinguishes the former:

  • Series made specifically for color labels. Over the years, Epson ColorWorks (CW) has been the pinnacle of color label printing. This series is known for delivering highly durable barcodes, stickers, and labels that don’t lose their vibrant colors amid repetitive printing cycles. Application-wise, it includes compact label makers, models for wide-format printing, adaptable units for industrial settings, and everything in between.
  • Pigment inks. CW printers’ claim to fame is their pigment-based inks, which are ideal for creating durable labels compliant with GHS BS5609 standards. They are praised for their sharpness, resistance to smudging, color quality, and optimal de-cap time. The matte finish achieved with pigment inks is especially beneficial for businesses requiring professional, long-lasting, and saturated stickers.

There are many additional features in Epson printers for color labels for cutting, peeling, and applying them faster. Find out more about these features for any specific CW unit.

On the other hand, VIPColor printers also have a lot to be cherished for:

  • Sensational performance. While VIPColor does offer portable label makers, the brand has made a name for itself by designing top-performance industrial color label printers. These are well-suited for various business environments for high-volume label production in sectors like food manufacturing and distribution. The brand’s full-color models are equipped with large 200ml and 250ml ink cartridges for demanding printing tasks.
  • Memjet Technology. VIPColor harnesses the power of Memjet Technology, known for its incredible printing speeds of 6 to 12 inches per second. This technology, coupled with vibrant dye inks, enables you to produce high-quality, glossy labels, such as glossy polypropylene. The photographic quality of the prints, rich in color and detail, makes these color label makers/printers ideal for visually impactful labels.

OmegaBrand is dedicated to supplying printing solutions throughout the US and Canada. Order a label maker that fits your needs and adopt on-demand printing within your facility!