TM-C3500 Labels

Specialized Labels, Name Badges and Tags for Epson TM-C3500 & TM-C3400

Customized Printing Solutions with DURABrite® Ultra Pigment Ink

For the Epson ColorWorks TM-C3500 and TM-C3400 inkjet label printers, we offer a specialized selection of labels, name badges, and tags. These include matte paper, high gloss paper, matte polypropylene, and matte GHS BS5609 compliant chemical labels. Each of these label materials is specifically designed to align with the Epson SJIC22P DURABrite® Ultra pigment ink's unique properties, ensuring crisp and durable prints every time.

Compatibility and Printing Capabilities

The Epson SJIC22P DURABrite® Ultra pigment ink is uniquely formulated to perform optimally on matte label media, providing exceptional print quality and longevity. The TM-C3500 color pigment inkjet label printer is compatible with label rolls that have a 4-inch outer diameter, conveniently fitting into the front of the printer. This design facilitates easy loading and continuous printing efficiency, making these printers ideal for a range of applications from retail labeling to event name badges and industrial tags.