Linerless Labels

Direct Thermal Linerless Labels

What are Linerless Labels?

Linerless Labels, distinct from traditional direct thermal labels, lack a liner. These self-wound labels have a silicone coating on the facestock, which is direct thermal label paper, preventing them from sticking to each other. This innovative design eliminates the need for a liner and matrix, making them an eco-friendlier choice.

Difference Between Standard Direct Thermal and Linerless Labels

The key difference lies in the waste production. Standard direct thermal labels generate liner waste post-application, contributing to environmental concerns. Linerless labels, however, produce no waste, making them a sustainable choice. Their compact roll size also allows for more labels per roll, enhancing efficiency.

Benefits of Linerless Labels in Logistics

  • Increase in logistics productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in material usage and post-application waste
  • Improved sustainability and lower carbon footprint

Linerless Labels: The Eco-Friendly Choice for the Modern Market

Linerless labels are an ideal response to the growing demands of e-commerce and the push for sustainability. They offer logistical advantages like increased uptime and reduced maintenance, alongside significant environmental benefits.

Linerless Printers

OmegaBrand also offers a range of linerless printers from leading brands such as Godex, TSC, Zebra, and Honeywell. These include Linerless Desktop Printers, Linerless Mobile Printers, and Linerless industrial Printers, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every business need.

Linerless Media Roll Specifications

Understanding the core specifications for linerless media rolls is crucial for selecting the right product for your printer. OmegaBrand caters to a wide range of linerless printers with varied core requirements. Mobile linerless printers typically use rolls with a 0.75-inch core. For desktop linerless printers, we provide rolls with a 1-inch core, and for linerless industrial printers, the rolls have a 3-inch core. Additionally, we offer linerless label rolls with two types of adhesives: the standard permanent adhesive for long-lasting applications and a removable adhesive option for situations where labels need to be removed post-application, ensuring flexibility and convenience for various business needs.

Choose OmegaBrand for Your Linerless Label Needs

At OmegaBrand Sales Corporation, we understand the importance of sustainable and efficient labeling solutions. Our Linerless Labels, compatible with top printer brands, are designed to meet the evolving needs of the logistics and e-commerce sectors. Explore our range to enhance your business's productivity and environmental footprint.

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