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Welcome to OmegaBrand Sales, the premier destination for all your barcode labeling needs. Our extensive range of barcode labels is designed to cater to various applications, ensuring compatibility, durability, and quality. Browse through our categories to find the perfect label for your business.

Direct Thermal Labels

Our direct thermal labels provide a cost-effective solution for short-term applications, eliminating the need for ribbons and offering high-quality prints.

DT – Paper

Standard paper-based direct thermal labels suitable for desktop, mobile, and industrial thermal label printers. Ideal for general-purpose labeling without the need for a ribbon.

DT – Polypropylene

Synthetic labels made from durable polypropylene film, designed for thermal mobile, desktop, and industrial printers. These labels feature a direct thermal topcoat for ribbon-free printing.

DT – Tags

Versatile direct thermal tags, available in paper or synthetic materials. These tags are perfect for applications where adhesive is not required and offer easy printing with desktop, mobile, and industrial thermal printers.

DT – Wristbands

Specialized direct thermal wristbands designed for desktop printers, ideal for events and healthcare applications. They provide a quick, ribbon-free printing solution.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Our thermal transfer labels are designed for long-lasting applications, utilizing ribbons for a more durable print suitable for various environments.

TT – Paper

Standard thermal transfer paper labels, compatible with wax ribbons and suitable for desktop and industrial printers. Perfect for a wide range of labeling tasks.

TT – Polypropylene

Durable synthetic labels made from polypropylene film, printed using wax/resin or resin ribbons. Ideal for desktop and industrial thermal transfer label printers.

TT – Polyester UL

UL approved thermal transfer polyester labels, ideal for outdoor applications and harsh environments. Compatible with resin thermal transfer ribbons for desktop and industrial printers.

TT – Tags

Robust thermal transfer tags available in paper or Valeron synthetic films, perfect for outdoor use. Print these tags using wax/resin or resin ribbons with desktop and industrial printers.

Inkjet Labels

Explore our range of inkjet labels, designed for high-quality, vibrant printing with dye and pigment inkjet color label printers.

Inkjet – Matte Paper

Non-glossy paper-based inkjet labels, compatible with most color label printers. Ideal for applications where a matte finish is preferred.

Inkjet – High Gloss Paper

High gloss paper labels with a shiny topcoat, providing a premium look for product labeling. Compatible with various inkjet color label printers.

Inkjet – Polypropylene

Durable inkjet polypropylene labels, available in matte or glossy finishes. Perfect for resistant product labels in environments with water, oil, or light chemicals.

Inkjet – Polyester

Highly durable inkjet printable polyester labels, available in clear, white, silver, gold, and holographic options. Ideal for glossy labels needing high durability.

Inkjet – Clear

Transparent inkjet labels made from polypropylene or polyester film, suitable for a variety of applications with dye and pigment inkjet color label printers.

Inkjet – Tag

Versatile inkjet printable tags, available in paper or synthetic materials. Perfect for name badges, retail tags, and other applications where adhesives are not required.

Inkjet – Wristbands

Customizable inkjet printable wristbands, typically printed with Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 and TM-C3500 color label printers. Ideal for events and identification purposes.

Inkjet - GHS BS560 Chemical

Introducing our top-tier 'Inkjet - GHS BS560 Chemical' labels, exclusively designed for pigment inkjet label printers. These labels represent the pinnacle of durability in the inkjet label sector. Crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, they offer exceptional resistance to alcohol and chemicals, making them an ideal choice for industrial and hazardous material labeling. Their robustness and resilience ensure that they maintain their integrity and readability in challenging environments, setting a new standard for inkjet label performance. It is important to note that these labels are specifically formulated for pigment inks and are not compatible with dye inks, ensuring optimal performance with printers like the Epson ColorWorks label printers.