Zebra Mobile Printers

Zebra mobile printers – Your productivity companions

If there’s something we know about Zebra, it’s definitely in favor of the brand’s innovative takes on productivity improvements. They may stem from reducing the time to print, making printing operations feasible outdoors and on the move, or revamping connectivity to multiple devices. That’s what this extensive line of portable Zebra mobile printers has to offer.

For over 50 years, Zebra has been the poster child of new printing technologies. The brand doesn’t seem to turn its back on its genuine commitment, which is felt even more strongly in the ZQ300, ZQ500, and ZQ600 Zebra portable label printers. Its mobile units blend top-notch technology and workflow integration to excel at printing customer receipts, price tags, shipping labels, medication labels, RFID tags, barcodes, and more.

Top-rated Zebra handheld printer series

Traditionally, designing mobile printers means accepting printing imperfections or robustness shortcomings to preserve the compactness of the unit. This isn’t the way Zebra crafts its devices, though. At OmegaBrand, we are inspired by Zebra products and how they combine lightweight design solutions and ultra-high printing quality standards for healthcare, logistics, retail, and other industries.

ZQ300 Plus

This series is represented by indoor and outdoor portable label printers by Zebra that can print at 2 and 3 inches. Indoor units are best for retail outlets and other settings that don’t require the device to be weather-resistant. Outdoor printers have upgraded robustness and can survive some rain exposure when used at the point of application.

There’s more to love the ZQ300 Plus series for. These devices are known for their ready-for-everything batteries to underpin your mobile productivity. What’s more, they come with Zebra’s signature remote management system to simplify printer configurations and troubleshooting on the spot.


You never know where mobile printing takes you. But you should no longer worry about that, as Zebra portable thermal printers under the ZQ500 series can tackle everything you throw at them. They are so reliable you can literally drop them on hard surfaces and keep printing with no quality issues afterward.

These Zebra mobile printers are the most robust handheld devices ever created. There’s no way they may take a hit due to workplace vibrations, the elements, or accidental drops. IP54-rated and tumble-tested, they deliver outstanding value for on-the-go printing of labels and RFID tags. Be sure to take a closer look at the ZQ521 to understand how tough and sturdy this series is.

ZQ600 Plus

This series takes it even further by offering Zebra mobile barcode printers with the most extensive battery capacity, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and industry-specific functionality. The most advanced of their kind, ZQ600 devices can print more at a fraction of the cost. They are always ready to serve and can be remotely configured for any printing task.

When it comes to one-of-a-kind features associated with this series, the ZQ620 Plus Healthcare is the perfect example. This printer can be flawlessly integrated into medical settings while conforming to the implemented safety protocols for disinfection, remote functionality, and operational efficiency.

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