Portable Workstations

Portable Workstations: The NB Series by Newcastle Systems

Welcome to Omegabrand's selection of NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations by Newcastle Systems, your one-stop-shop for revolutionizing productivity in your workspace. These workstations redefine operational efficiency, providing seamless integration of computer, thermal printer, and scanner into a mobile unit.

Transforming Legacy Processes with Unmatched Efficiency

The NB Series carts have become the workhorse carts of our product line-up. Available in two distinct widths, 24" and 18", these workstations deliver unmatched durability and mobility. Say goodbye to outdated operations; the NB Series enables you to redesign any legacy process and unlock tangible efficiencies. From scales and testing equipment to large monitors and printers, this series' wide range of accessories ensure a dramatic boost in process effectiveness.

Portable WorkstationsUnique Features of NB Series Workstations

  • Integrated Power: Our NB Series workstations come equipped with seamless rechargeable power systems, allowing you to operate up to 4 devices simultaneously for 8-12 hours under regular use.
  • Mobility: Compact footprints and 5" locking swivel casters make deployment quick and easy, no matter where you need your workstation.
  • Adjustability: Our slotted upright system offers the flexibility to adjust shelves and accessories within seconds, catering to each operator's unique needs.
  • Modularity: A wide selection of optional accessories can be integrated swiftly, allowing for the creation of versatile workstations that can accommodate any application, including up to three shelves.
  • New Choices: We offer the NB Series with lightweight Lithium or SLA battery options, providing you with more control over your workstation's power management.

NB Series Workstations – Versatility Across Industries

From manufacturing and warehousing to the retail floor, NB Series workstations facilitate an array of operations, including:

  • Raw materials receiving and quality testing
  • Finished goods labeling and visual work instruction
  • Cross-docking and inventory control
  • Outbound labeling and line busting
  • Mobile supervisor stations and point of sale stations

At Omegabrand, we strive to bring you versatile, innovative solutions for your operational needs. Explore our selection today and step into a future of enhanced productivity and efficiency.