LabelJET 2.2" x 243Ft / 56mm X 74m Black LJM238 Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon For 2-Inch Desktop Printers


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243 ft
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1/2" Core
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LabelJET 2.2" x 243fT / 56MM X 74M Black LJM238 Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon For Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printers 12/Roll

  • Ink Side Coated is OUT / CSO
  • 1/2" core with notch
  • Black Color
  • Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Resin Enhanced)
  • 12 rolls

Experience exceptional print quality and durability with the LabelJET LJM238 Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon. Designed for use with Zebra 2-Inch Desktop Printers, this ribbon delivers crisp and long-lasting barcodes, text, and graphics on a variety of label materials. The wax/resin formulation ensures excellent resistance to smudging, scratching, and fading, making it ideal for applications that require durability. Each package includes 12 rolls of this high-quality ribbon, providing ample supply for your printing needs. Trust LabelJET for reliable and professional results with every print job.

Understanding the Difference: Wax, Wax/Resin, and Resin Ribbons

When it comes to thermal transfer printing, it's essential to choose the right ribbon for your specific application. Here's a breakdown of the key differences between wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons:

Wax Ribbon: Wax ribbons are the most commonly used type for thermal transfer printing. They are made of a wax-based ink that melts onto the label material. Wax ribbons offer excellent print quality for standard barcodes, text, and graphics on a wide range of label materials, including paper and synthetic materials. They are cost-effective and provide good resistance to smudging and scratching. Wax ribbons are suitable for applications like shipping labels, warehouse inventory, and retail tags.

Wax/Resin Ribbon: Wax/resin ribbons combine the benefits of both wax and resin formulations. They contain a mix of wax and resin materials, providing enhanced durability and improved print quality. Wax/resin ribbons offer excellent resistance to smudging, scratching, and moderate chemical exposure. They are suitable for applications that require higher durability, such as product labels, asset tracking, and pharmaceutical labels. They can be used on various label materials, including paper and synthetic materials.

Resin Ribbon: Resin ribbons are the most durable and resistant option for thermal transfer printing. They are made of a resin-based ink that provides excellent resistance to harsh environments, extreme temperatures, chemicals, and outdoor exposure. Resin ribbons produce high-quality prints with exceptional clarity and durability on synthetic label materials like polyester and polypropylene. They are commonly used for applications like automotive labels, medical device labels, and outdoor signage.

Choosing the right ribbon depends on the specific requirements of your labeling application. If you need assistance in selecting the appropriate ribbon for your printer and label materials, our experts at OmegaBrand are here to help.

Wide Compatibility: LabelJET Wax/Resin Ribbon for Various Printer Models

The LabelJET Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon offers exceptional versatility and compatibility with a wide range of thermal transfer label printers. With its reliable performance and high-quality prints, this ribbon can be used with the following popular printer models:

For TSC TTP-225, TTP-323: The LabelJET Wax/Resin Ribbon is fully compatible with TSC TTP-225 and TTP-323 printers. Enjoy consistent and reliable printing results for your labeling needs.

For Godex RT200, RT200i, RT230i: Designed to work seamlessly with Godex RT200, RT200i, and RT230i printers, this ribbon ensures optimal print quality and durability for your labels.

For Zebra TLP 2824 Series, TLP 2824 Plus, ZD411t, ZD611t, ZD611t-HC: The LabelJET Wax/Resin Ribbon is a perfect match for Zebra's popular printer models, including the TLP 2824 Series, TLP 2824 Plus, ZD411t, ZD611t, and ZD611t-HC. Experience excellent print performance and compatibility.

With its wide compatibility, the LabelJET Wax/Resin Ribbon allows you to achieve professional-grade labels with crisp, long-lasting prints. Ensure smooth operation and compatibility with your chosen printer model by selecting this reliable and versatile ribbon from OmegaBrand.

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