Barcode Printers

Barcode printers for sale – Print with innovation

Do your business operations require barcodes? Those that can be printed in hundreds of pieces and attached on the fly? At OmegaBrand, we carry an extensive catalog of barcode printers that are up to the task.

Print barcodes with brands that live up to the most demanding printing standards. Whether you are in the market for compact desktop units for small-scale operations or industrial machines for high-volume printing, you can find the latest models at OmegaBrand.

Decide on the barcode printer type

If it’s your first printer, don’t rely on guesswork. Here’s a short guide to follow when comparing barcode machines and taking your pick:

  • Desktop printers are suitable for office use for moderate print volumes.
  • Industrial models are the pinnacle of beefed-up functionality for large-volume printing.
  • Mobile units are handy for creating barcodes on the move.
  • Linerless printers are admired by businesses to trim costs by eliminating backing paper. 
  • RFID machines can create labels with embedded chips.

Keep in mind that higher resolution is the recipe for sharper-quality barcodes that can be scanned more easily. For most applications, 203 to 300 dpi is sufficient. 600-1600 dpi is preferred for tiny barcodes or specific printing requirements.

The brands that understand your printing needs

At OmegaBrand, we hand-pick brands recognized for innovative printing features, reliable performance, and cost-efficiency. When browsing barcode printers for sale, consider your specific usage and volume to determine the appropriate functionality and brand. 

Zebra Technologies

You can’t go wrong with a global leader in barcode printers and RFID machines. Zebra’s products are touted for performance that raises the bar across multiple printer series:

  • Its ZT series includes thermal transfer printers and other machines for industrial applications. 
  • Its ZD series shakes up the scene with wireless connectivity, cutting-edge designs, and fast speeds for various environments. 
  • Its RFID desktop and mobile printers are matchless for asset tracking systems and object identification.

We take pride in partnering with Zebra and being able to deliver the brand’s best products in the US and Canada.


This brand stands behind a variety of laser barcode printers. Its compact models, increasingly chosen by small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, boast lightning-fast print speeds and easy connectivity to other units. You are likely to benefit from the brand’s PocketJet series for:

  • Print resolution of up to 300 dpi for scannable barcodes
  • Wireless and wired models
  • Long-lasting power pack

Besides, there are no ink cartridges to replace with this series.


Epson is another major brand that offers industrial-grade yet competitively priced barcode label printers for sale. Their CW and TM series allow you to print vibrant color labels and barcodes as quickly as you can press the button:

  • Epson machines can print ultra-fast at sharp-clear resolution.
  • You can buy economy workhorses for mass-flow labeling.
  • They are suitable for GHS and product labeling for mid-volumes.

Zebra, Brother, and Epson may be the biggest names out there, but our catalog also includes TSC and VIPColor barcode machines, software, and accessories. Can’t find the right pick? Let us advise you.