RFID Labels

RFID Labels at OmegaBrand

What are RFID Labels?

RFID labels are advanced tagging technologies that embed a small chip and antenna within a standard label format. These labels enable wireless tracking and identification of items using radio frequency technology, facilitating automated data collection and item tracking with minimal human intervention.

Who Uses RFID Labels?

  • Logistics and Supply Chain: Companies managing large inventories and needing efficient tracking systems.
  • Retail: Businesses that require quick inventory tracking and management, particularly in high-volume environments like supermarkets and clothing stores.
  • Healthcare: Facilities tracking equipment, pharmaceuticals, and patient data to improve safety and operational efficiency.
  • Manufacturing: Industries that track parts and products through the production process to enhance quality control and supply chain logistics.

Benefits of RFID Labels and Tags

Using RFID labels and tags brings numerous benefits, including enhanced inventory management, reduced labor costs, improved data accuracy, theft prevention, and the ability to manage assets in real-time. These capabilities lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Direct Thermal RFID Labels

Direct Thermal RFID Labels are ideal for applications where labels are used within a short timeframe, such as shipping labels. These labels work seamlessly with Industrial, Desktop, and Mobile RFID printers from top manufacturers like Zebra, TSC, Printronix, Honeywell, and Toshiba.

Thermal Transfer RFID Labels

For more durable labeling needs, Thermal Transfer RFID Labels are the top choice. Compatible with high-performance Industrial and Desktop RFID printers from Zebra, Printronix, TSC, Honeywell, and Toshiba, these labels are designed for longevity and resistance to environmental factors.

Inkjet RFID Labels

Our Inkjet RFID Labels enable the printing of vibrant, full-color labels with integrated RFID technology, using the Epson ColorWorks C6500 RFID printer. These labels are perfect for brands that want to combine high-impact visual branding with the functionality of RFID in a single, efficient step.

Walmart RFID Labels

Walmart, as one of the largest users of RFID technology, requires that all products supplied to their stores are tagged with RFID labels. OmegaBrand offers a comprehensive range of both Thermal and Inkjet RFID labels that meet Walmart’s RFID specifications, ensuring compliance and streamlined inventory management.

Choose OmegaBrand for Your RFID Needs

Whether you need off-the-shelf solutions or custom-made RFID labels and tags, OmegaBrand is your go-to partner. We offer a wide range of stock items ready for quick shipment, as well as bespoke solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.