Memjet Labels

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Memjet Labels Introduction

Discover the superior performance and quality of Memjet labels at OmegaBrand. Our specially designed labels are crafted to maximize the potential of Memjet technology in your color label printing, ensuring vibrant, high-quality prints every time.

Memjet Technology and Color Label Printers

Memjet technology represents a breakthrough in inkjet printing technology, providing unmatched speed, quality, and color accuracy. OmegaBrand proudly supports Memjet's leading technology in printers such as the Afinia Label series (L701, L801, and L901), VIPColor's versatile range including VP500, VP550, VP610, and VP660, and QuickLabel’s high-performance models like the QL-E100, QL-120Xe, QL-120x, and the T2-C.

MediaJet Inkjet Labels for Memjet Technology Printers

OmegaBrand is delighted to introduce our MediaJet line of inkjet labels, specially designed for printers utilizing the innovative Memjet technology. These printers are celebrated for their rapid printing capabilities and exceptional color output, necessitating labels that match their performance in both speed and quality.

The MediaJet labels are offered in various finishes to accommodate a range of business and aesthetic needs. Options include:

  • High-gloss paper: Perfect for vivid color reproduction.
  • Glossy polypropylene: Great for durability and resistance to wear.
  • Clear polyester: Ideal for a modern, transparent look.
  • White polyester: Offers versatility for a multitude of applications.
  • Silver and gold polyester: Adds a touch of luxury, suitable for high-end product labeling.

Importance of Quality Labels for Memjet Printers

Using high-quality labels is crucial when printing with Memjet technology. OmegaBrand’s MediaJet labels are designed to withstand the fast printing speeds of 6 to 12 inches per second typical of these printers. Our labels ensure instant drying, preventing smudges and smears, and maintaining the integrity and vibrancy of your prints.

Choose OmegaBrand for Memjet Labels

OmegaBrand is your trusted source for the highest quality MediaJet inkjet labels, optimized for Memjet technology color label printers. Experience the best in label printing solutions with our specifically designed products.