TSC Alpha-40R 4" RFID Label/Receipt Mobile Printer with Peeler, Bluetooth 4.2 | A40LR-A001-0001


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Print Method:
Direct Thermal
Print Speed:
5 ips
Print Width:
203 dpi
RFID - Mobile
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TSC Alpha-40R 4" RFID Label/Receipt Mobile Printer with Peeler

Overview of the TSC Alpha-40R Mobile RFID Printer

The TSC Alpha-40R Mobile RFID Printer, model A40LR-A001-0001, is a robust and versatile tool for on-the-go labeling and receipt printing. This model features Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, offering reliable and seamless connection without the inclusion of Wi-Fi. It's designed to facilitate mobile operations in environments where wireless fidelity is less critical but mobility and ease of use are paramount.

Key Features and Specifications

Equipped with a peeler, the Alpha-40R enhances label and receipt handling efficiency, allowing for quicker and more streamlined operations. This feature is particularly useful in fast-paced settings like retail, logistics, and field services, where time and accuracy are crucial. The printer supports a maximum roll diameter of 2.64 inches and utilizes a 1-inch core, making it highly adaptable to various operational demands.

Bluetooth Connectivity

With Bluetooth 4.2, the Alpha-40R ensures a stable and secure connection to mobile devices and computers, facilitating easy and quick printing tasks directly from your handheld devices. This connectivity feature is ideal for workers in remote or mobile settings, allowing for label and receipt printing directly at the point of application.

Advantages of RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) offers a transformative approach to tracking and managing goods, providing significant advantages over traditional barcode scanning. With RFID, businesses benefit from real-time tracking, enhanced inventory accuracy, and greater operational efficiency. Unlike barcodes, RFID tags can be read without a line of sight and can process multiple tags simultaneously, which drastically reduces the time and effort required for inventory management. The technology's ability to store more data allows for detailed tracking of products throughout the supply chain, enabling better asset utilization and reduced losses due to misplacement or theft.

The TSC Alpha-40R: A Premier Choice for RFID Printing

The TSC Alpha-40R 4" RFID Label/Receipt Mobile Printer is an exceptional choice for enterprises seeking to leverage the benefits of RFID technology. Designed for mobility and ease of use, the Alpha-40R efficiently prints and encodes RFID tags and labels on demand, anywhere in the field. This capability is crucial for industries that require agile responses to inventory changes, such as logistics, retail, and manufacturing. The printer's robust Bluetooth connectivity ensures reliable pairing with devices for seamless printing operations, while its direct thermal printing technology produces durable and legible labels that can withstand various environmental conditions. Coupled with its peeler feature, the Alpha-40R facilitates rapid application of tags, enhancing workflow and productivity.

RFID and Direct Thermal Printing Capabilities

The Alpha-40R is not just a printer but a comprehensive mobile RFID solution. It supports direct thermal printing technology, which is perfect for printing high-quality RFID labels and receipts on demand. OmegaBrand provides a wide selection of Direct Thermal RFID Labels that are compatible with the Alpha-40R, enhancing its utility in RFID applications across various industries.

Your Mobile Printing Solution Partner

OmegaBrand is dedicated to supplying top-quality RFID solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern mobile enterprises. With the TSC Alpha-40R, we offer a printer that combines durability, reliability, and advanced technology, ensuring that your mobile printing needs are met with precision and ease.

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