TM-C7500G Labels

Epson TM-C7500G Gloss Inkjet Labels and Tags

Diverse Range of Labels and Tags for Every Need

The Epson ColorWorks TM-C7500G Gloss color pigment inkjet label printer boasts an extensive variety of compatible labels and tags. This includes not only matte paper, high gloss paper, and matte polypropylene but also matte GHS BS5609 compliant chemical labels. Enhancing its versatility, the printer also supports glossy polypropylene and glossy polyester labels available in clear, white, silver, and gold. All these media options are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Epson SJIC30P UltraChrome DL pigment ink, which is adept at printing on both glossy and matte label media.

Adaptability in Media Handling and Printing

The TM-C7500G printer is designed for flexibility, accommodating label rolls with a 3-inch core and both 6-inch and 8-inch outer diameters. It also has the capability to process fanfolded labels fed from the rear. This adaptability ensures that the TM-C7500G can handle a wide array of printing tasks, from vibrant product labels to durable chemical labels, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring high-quality prints on various glossy and matte surfaces.