Epson ColorWorks Printer

Epson ColorWorks Label Printer

Revolutionizing Label Printing with Epson ColorWorks

At OmegaBrand Sales Corporation, we specialize in delivering state-of-the-art Epson ColorWorks inkjet color label printers to businesses across the United States and Canada. Our commitment is to provide complete, on-demand color printing solutions, tailored to meet your unique business needs. Our range includes the latest Epson ColorWorks label printers, a variety of ink cartridges, and an extensive selection of blank label media compatible with all our printers.

Epson ColorWorks label printers act as a distinguishing factor for big and small businesses when fulfilling their compliance, product identification, and marketing needs. With PrecisionCore technology and fuss-free compatibility, they enable you to reach a long-lasting effect, regardless of production volume.

  • Color quality that impresses. Color Works by Epson is a next-gen series of color label printers. Created by the brand that has been shaping the printing industry for 40 years, they turn hues and inks into game-changing elements. Besides, the simple printing process and full control over any media add to the convenience of CW operations. 
  • Multiple areas of usage. Epson ColorWorks setups can be used in various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, retail, logistics, and more. They deliver expected results under any work circumstances, with printing speed and quality unaffected by enhanced workloads. 
  • Resistance to external factors. CW printers produce indelible labels that have no quality flaws, no matter what they are exposed to. Whether they are put in humid or hot environments, the color remains as vivid as if that sheet has just come out of the Epson ColorWorks label printer.

Whatever label design you need to recreate, a compatible CW printer can handle it in large quantities and become an integral part of your workspace. Get one for small-format or wide-format printing at OmegaBrand Sales Corporation.

Why Epson ColorWorks Printers Lead the Pack

Epson’s desktop and industrial printers can handle any turbulence that occurs on the worksite, including unpredictable workloads and urgent printing tasks. And here’s how:

  • Work with any software. CW printers can be paired with various operating systems. Regardless of the OS and software you use across your company, they are designed to save you the integration trouble.
  • Print on all media types. Whether you’re going for matte, glossy, or plain, an Epson color label printer can deliver saturated and durable prints.
  • Remote printing. Don’t worry if something needs to be labeled right now – turn on your CW printer while away from the worksite and pick up freshly printed labels upon arrival.
  • Enhance efficiency. CW printers allow for leftover label storage and reuse, letting you save costs and speed up fanfold printing processes.

The Epson color label printer price depends on the model and supplementary items, such as ink cartridges, rolls, and software. Complete your setup with OmegaBrand Sales Corporation and start printing as soon as your CW arrives in the US or Canada. 

Browse our Epson CW catalog to choose a color-enhancing unit for occasional printing or high-volume performance. Check out the best ColorWorks picks adopted by businesses below.

Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000: Compact and EfficientEpson CW-C4000 color label printer

  • Size: 4-inch color label printer
  • Resolution: High-quality 1200 dpi print
  • Usage: Ideal for product labels, name badges, healthcare labels, wristbands
  • Compatibility: Uses small 4-inch OD label rolls
  • Advantages: Compact design, perfect for desk spaces, and replaces the Epson TM-C3500
  • Checkout the Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 color label printers in stock

Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000: Versatile and High-Resolution

Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500: Wide-Format Printing

Epson ColorWorks TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G: Industrial High-Speed Printing

Epson TM-C3500: The Reliable Classic

  • Size: 4-inch color label printer
  • Note: Replaced by the Epson ColorWorks CW-C4000 for faster speed and better quality
  • Compatibility: Same labels as CW-C4000

Epson GP-C831: The Legacy Chemical Label Printer

  • Note: Discontinued, replaced by Epson ColorWorks CW-C6500 MatteEpson GP-C831 GHS BS5609 Chemical Drum label printer
  • Usage: Ideal for large format GHS BS5609 chemical drum labels
  • Support: Continued availability of labels and inks for Epson GP-C831

Upgrade Your Label Printing with Color

Move beyond black and white labels with OmegaBrand and Epson ColorWorks printers. Consult with our label specialists to determine the best Epson ColorWorks printer for your business needs.