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Direct Thermal Tags

Overview of Direct Thermal Tags

Direct Thermal Tags, also known as direct thermal barcode tags, are a staple in event management and short-term labeling needs. These tags are similar to direct thermal labels but without adhesive backing, making them perfect for applications where temporary identification is required.

Advantages of Using Direct Thermal Tags

Direct thermal tags are highly sought-after due to their ease of use. They eliminate the need for ribbons in the printing process, making them a cost-effective and convenient solution for printing name badges or barcodes, especially for events. Their compatibility with compact, lower-cost direct thermal printers adds to their appeal.

Printer Compatibility

Our direct thermal tags are compatible with all leading brands of desktop direct thermal printers from Zebra, Toshiba, Honeywell, Datamax, Godex, TSC, Brother, Citizen. We offer 1-inch core rolls for desktop printers and 3-inch core rolls for industrial printers, ensuring a fit for various printing scales.

Dymo LabelWriter Compatibility

For Dymo LabelWriter users, OmegaBrand offers specially designed rolls that meet the unique specifications of these printers. It’s important to note that standard industry rolls may not be compatible with Dymo LabelWriters, so look for the specific mention of Dymo LabelWriter compatibility in our product titles or descriptions.

Introducing CS1 Direct Thermal Tags

OmegaBrand's CS1 Direct Thermal Tags are a testament to our commitment to quality and versatility. These tags are produced to meet the highest standards, ensuring reliable performance for your printing needs, whether for name badges at events or temporary barcodes for products.

Why Choose OmegaBrand for Your Direct Thermal Tag Needs?

At OmegaBrand Sales Corporation, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient labeling solutions. Our Direct Thermal Tags offer the versatility and convenience needed in fast-paced environments, and our range of products is designed to cater to a variety of printer compatibilities and applications.

Contact us to learn more about our Direct Thermal Tags and find the perfect solution for your labeling requirements.

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