Zebra ZD621t 4-Inch 203 dpi, 8 ips Thermal Transfer Label Printer USB/LAN/Serial/BTLE5 | ZD6A142-301F00EZ

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Print Method:
Thermal Transfer
Print Speed:
8 ips
Print Width:
203 dpi
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Experience Excellence with Zebra ZD621t 4" Wide 203 dpi Thermal Transfer Label Printer

Discover the pinnacle of high-speed, superior quality label printing with the Zebra ZD621t Thermal Transfer Label Printer. Known for combining Zebra's unwavering reliability with the cutting-edge thermal transfer technology, this premium desktop printer is built for optimized performance and unparalleled efficiency.

Uncompromised Quality & Speed

With a generous print width of 4 inches and a clear 203 dpi resolution, Zebra ZD621t guarantees sharp, detailed labels for all your printing needs. Its impressive printing speed of 8 inches per second enhances productivity, allowing you to generate more labels in less time.

Versatile Connectivity

The Zebra ZD621t is designed to provide seamless integration with your existing devices. It offers multiple connectivity options including USB, LAN, Serial, and Bluetooth Low Energy 5 (BTLE5), ensuring a constant, uninterrupted printing experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Enhance your printing experience with Zebra ZD621t's intuitive Color Touch LCD. Alongside an included US cord and Swiss Font, it offers an easy-to-navigate user interface for efficient setup, configuration, and operation.

Ribbon and Label Roll Compatibility

  • Zebra ZD621t accommodates both 110mm x 74-meter ribbons on a 1/2" core and 110mm x 300m ribbons on a 1-inch core. The compatibility with Zebra P1080383-231 core adapter adds to its flexibility, making it adaptable to various printing needs.
  • Designed for label rolls with a 1-inch core, it can comfortably handle 4-inch and 5-inch outer diameter label rolls. The printer's compatibility with fanfold labels further expands its versatility.

Seamless Integration

Thanks to its compatibility with the EZPL programming language, the Zebra ZD621t effortlessly integrates with existing systems. This means a smooth transition from your previous Zebra printers, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

Embrace superior quality and unrivalled efficiency with the Zebra ZD621t Thermal Transfer Label Printer. Elevate your productivity and enjoy the best in printing technology with Zebra.