Zebra 05095CT11007 Resin Ribbon Cartridge ZD420c/ZD421c Printers, 6 Pack

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Zebra 05095CT11007 Resin Ribbon Cartridge for ZD420c/ZD421c Printers, 6 Pack

Enhanced Durability with Resin Ribbon Cartridge

The Zebra 05095CT11007 Resin Ribbon Cartridge is specifically engineered for use with the Zebra ZD420c and ZD421c Desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printers. This resin thermal transfer ribbon offers unparalleled durability for your labeling needs, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring resistance to extreme environmental conditions, chemicals, and abrasion. Each pack contains 6 cartridges, ensuring your printing needs are covered with the highest quality and consistency.

Compatibility and Usage

It's important to note that this resin ribbon cartridge is compatible exclusively with the Zebra ZD420c and ZD421c desktop thermal transfer barcode label printers. These "c" model printers are designed to use cartridge ribbons, and thus, the 05095CT11007 cartridges will not work with the Zebra ZD420t and ZD421t models, which accommodate standard ½” and 1” core ribbon rolls. If your printer utilizes a yellow color cartridge system, then the 05095CT11007 resin ribbon is the correct choice for your device. However, if your Zebra ZD420 or ZD421 printer operates with roll-based ribbons, this product will not be compatible. Checkout our ZD420/ZD421 roll based thermal transfer ribbons here.

Please Note:

Once opened, this product is not returnable due to its specific compatibility and application.

Distinguishing Between Zebra Ribbon Types

Understanding the differences between the Zebra 02000CT11007 Wax Ribbon, Zebra 05095CT11007 Resin Ribbon, and Zebra 05555CT11007 Wax/Resin Ribbon is crucial for selecting the right ribbon for your printing needs:

  • Zebra 02000CT11007 Wax Ribbon: Designed for general printing on paper materials, wax ribbons are perfect for standard labeling where moderate durability is sufficient.
  • Zebra 05095CT11007 Resin Ribbon: Offers the highest level of durability against abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Ideal for use on synthetic labels in harsh environments.
  • Zebra 05555CT11007 Wax/Resin Ribbon: Provides a balanced solution with enhanced durability over wax ribbons, suitable for both paper and some synthetic labels, offering moderate resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

Choosing the correct ribbon type ensures optimal performance and longevity for your labels, catering to the specific demands of your application.

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