TSC printers: Feature-rich and dependable

TSC is not just another brand that will make you perplexed when choosing a label printer. It is one of the most widely recognized manufacturers and has been serving various market segments since 1991. Fittingly, TSC thermal printers have become synonymous with versatility and reliability at shipping centers, warehouses, retail outlets, and other business environments.

TSC doubles down on its mission to redefine what’s possible throughout the supply chain and other business settings. On its way to accomplishing it, the brand is continuously incorporating new features and compatibility improvements into printing solutions across its major series.

Types of TSC label printers

You no longer have to adapt one printer to multiple printing tasks when there’s a dedicated and tireless TSC unit for each workflow. This brand will have you covered for the most common label widths, construction requirements, and application technicalities to facilitate labeling processes wherever your business takes you.

For on-the-go printing

Whether you often have remote labeling tasks or need to navigate between a goods reception area and storage facilities, invest in a mobile TSC label printer, like the Alpha-40L 4". This product is the epitome of the brand’s Alpha series, which has been created for portability. It is drop-resistant, can be effortlessly carried from one warehouse area to another, and is upgraded with a peeler to simplify manual labeling.

For performance

There’s no more robust powerhouse than desktop TSC printers. Make no mistake: they will be there for you to print shipping labels and other media. TSC has embedded top-of-the-range performance features into its DA series, the DA210 printer in particular. With its reliable design, large media bay, premium configurations, and lightning-fast connectivity, you’re getting the most value for your investment.

For RFID tags

Whether you have already adopted RFID technology or are only getting started, TSC tag printers can support your workflow. They are fantastic for all types of RFID tags, high-speed encoding, and streamlined asset management. These features pair nicely with the portability of the Alpha-40R 4" RFID so you can print, embed data, and track from any point of your fulfillment center, healthcare facility, or retail space.

The coolest features of TSC thermal label printers

Depending on the type, TSC setups may feature:

  • Remarkable impact resistance. If you choose an impact-resistant printer, you won’t have to worry about carrying the unit around or accidentally dropping it.
  • Remote management. TSC brings effective control into your hands. Using an integrated management system, you can oversee and configure your printer remotely.
  • Quick encoding. TSC tag printers come with upgraded RFID technology that lets you encode information faster than other units.
  • Smart batteries. Extended battery life bodes well for increased throughput with your labeling operations.
  • Bluetooth 5.0. Stay connected and more productive with all the units that support Bluetooth 5.0 and enhanced broadcast capabilities.

At OmegaBrand, we want your labeling processes to feel intuitive and instantly rewarding. Choose your unit and enjoy the best TSC printer prices in the US and Canada!

TSC is a trusted manufacturer of thermal barcode, ticketing, receipt and RFID printers built for retail, healthcare, logistics and more. Reliable and flexible portable, desktop and industrial models available with fast print speeds. TSC printers integrate easily with today’s software systems for on-demand barcode printing. Receive responsive support from TSC's expert USA-based team.