Wi-Fi Printing with Color Label Printers

Wi-Fi Printing with Color Label Printers

Posted by JB on 27th Dec 2023

Wi-Fi Connectivity in Label Printing: A New Era

Wi-Fi connectivity has become a vital component in modern printing solutions, especially in dynamic business environments. While mobile direct thermal label printers and desktop/industrial thermal label printers from brands like Zebra, Brother, Godex, TSC, Printronix, Citizen, and Printronix offer Wi-Fi connectivity, options have been limited for color label printers.

The Importance of Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Eliminates the need for hardwired network cables in offices, warehouses, or customer service counters.
  • Essential for mobile workers at conferences and business events where Wi-Fi is readily available.

The Challenge in Color Label Printing

Major manufacturers of color label printers, such as Epson ColorWorks, Afinia Label, VIPColor, and Primera Technology, have traditionally offered only USB or Ethernet connectivity. This limitation posed a question: Why haven't these brands embraced Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, as seen in thermal label printers?

Epson's Innovative Step Forward

Epson has addressed this gap with the introduction of the USB Wi-Fi dongle for their ColorWorks CW-C4000 Gloss and CW-C4000 Matte printers. The Epson OT-WL06 WiFi dongle enables network connectivity, marking a significant advancement in color label printing technology.

Benefits of Epson's Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Facilitates printer setup in various locations without the constraints of cabling.
  • Ideal for printing color visitor name badges, product labels, or ingredient labels in the food industry.
  • Enhances flexibility for trade show and event management, allowing on-demand, full-color label printing in any setting.

Revolutionizing Event Management and Industrial Labeling

The introduction of Wi-Fi connectivity in color label printers, particularly by Epson, is a game-changer. It transforms how labels are printed at major events like Comic Con and other trade shows across the USA and Canada. With Wi-Fi-enabled printers, businesses can now enjoy greater versatility and efficiency in their label printing processes.

Conclusion: A Milestone by Epson

Epson's initiative to introduce Wi-Fi connectivity in color label printers is a commendable and pioneering step. It paves the way for enhanced flexibility and convenience in various industrial and event settings, proving that Epson is truly leading the way in innovative printing solutions.