Unveiling the Future: PocketJet 7 vs. PocketJet 8 Mobile Printing Showdown

Unveiling the Future: PocketJet 7 vs. PocketJet 8 Mobile Printing Showdown

Posted by JB on 9th Aug 2023

PocketJet 7 vs. PocketJet 8: The Evolution of Mobile Printing Excellence

Brother PocketJet 8 Full Page Mobile Printer

At Omegabrand, we are committed to ensuring that our esteemed customers stay ahead of the curve with the most advanced tools. This commitment is particularly evident in the evolution of the Brother PocketJet series. If you're a proud owner of the PocketJet 7 and have been considering an upgrade, here's why the PocketJet 8 should be at the top of your list.

1. Speed Is of The Essence

  • PocketJet 7: Offers a speed of 9.8 pages per minute (ppm).
  • PocketJet 8: Boosts this speed to 13.5 ppm, ensuring less waiting time and enhanced productivity.

2. Swift First Page Output

  • PocketJet 7: Features a 23.9-second first page output time.
  • PocketJet 8: Reduces this to a swift 6.1 seconds.

3. Enhanced Media Guidance

Both printers support Direct Thermal printing for fanfolded, roll, and single sheet media:

  • PocketJet 7: Has 3 guide ribs.
  • PocketJet 8: Offers 4 guide ribs and imprint guidance for intuitive media loading.

4. Superior Print Quality

Brother PocketJET 8 with USB-C port for recharging

  • PocketJet 7: Utilizes standard dithering.
  • PocketJet 8: Features standard dithering, error diffusion, and an option to select between speed and quality.

5. Upgraded Connectivity

  • USB: PocketJet 8 uses a v2.0 Type-C connector with charging, superseding PocketJet 7's v2.0 mini B connector.
  • Wi-Fi: PocketJet 8 supports 802.11a/b/g/n across 2.4GHz & 5GHz, 802.11r - Fast Roaming, and 802.11i - Improved Security.
  • Bluetooth: PocketJet 8 upgrades to v5.2 (Classic + LE) MFi from the v2.1 of PocketJet 7.

6. Dual Radio

  • PocketJet 7: Lacks dual radio support.
  • PocketJet 8: Incorporates both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, assuring continuous connectivity.

7. Flexible Power Options

  • PocketJet 7: Depends on either battery or adapter.
  • PocketJet 8: Introduces a combo option (Battery + AC Adapter), permitting higher print speeds when required.

8. Extended Warranty

Brother PocketJet 8 mobile printer in the field

The PocketJet 8 comes with a 2-year warranty, a step up from the 1-year warranty of the PocketJet 7, ensuring long-term peace of mind.

Conclusion: The Clear Choice for Modern Needs

The Brother PocketJet 8 is a revolutionary step in mobile printing. For those wanting faster operations, better quality, and additional features, the verdict is evident. Transition to Brother PocketJet 8 and step into the future of mobile printing.

Upgrade today and embrace efficiency like never before. The Brother PocketJet 8 awaits you at Omegabrand.com.