MediaJET 4-Inch External Label Unwinder For Epson CW-C4000, Primera LX500 and Thermal Desktop Printers


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MediaJet 4-Inch External Label Unwinder with 3-Inch Core Holder

Expand Your Label Printing Capabilities

Introducing the MediaJet 4-Inch External Label Unwinder, a versatile accessory designed to broaden the scope of your label printing. Equipped with a sturdy 3-inch core holder, this unwinder can handle label rolls up to 6 inches and 8 inches in diameter. It's the perfect solution for managing larger label rolls that standard printers can't accommodate, ensuring a smooth and efficient printing process.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with a wide array of desktop thermal printers, the MediaJet Unwinder supports major brands like Zebra, Brother, Toshiba, Citizen, GoDex, Datamax, Sato, Intermec, Honeywell, Printronics, TSC, and more. Whether you're using direct thermal or thermal transfer printing technology, this unwinder seamlessly integrates with your setup, enhancing your label printing experience.

Perfect Match for Color Inkjet Printers

Not just for thermal printers, the MediaJet Unwinder is also compatible with popular color inkjet label printers, including the Primera LX400, LX500, Epson CW-C4000, and TM-C3500. By pairing this unwinder with your color inkjet printer, you unlock the potential to use larger inkjet label rolls, such as those used with the CW-C6500 and TM-C7500, available in various materials like matte paper, high gloss paper, glossy polypropylene, and metallic polyester labels.

Enhanced Label Selection for Your Printer

For desktop thermal printer users, the MediaJet Unwinder allows the use of larger 3-inch core label rolls with up to 8-inch roll diameters, vastly increasing the variety of thermal label sizes available for your printer. This means more options and fewer limitations in your label printing, whether for business or personal use.

With the MediaJet 4-Inch External Label Unwinder, your label printing is no longer confined by the size restrictions of your printer. It's an essential tool for businesses looking to increase their label printing options and efficiency. Remember, for the best performance and quality, OmegaBrand recommends pairing this unwinder with our selection of high-quality CW-C4000 inkjet labels.

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