LabelJET Direct Thermal 4" x 6" Matte Paper Labels 5000 Fanfolded/Carton (No Ribbon Required)


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4" x 6"
DT- Paper
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LabelJET 4" x 6" White Direct Thermal Shipping Labels 5,000 Fanfolded/Carton (No Ribbon Required)

Introducing LabelJET's 4" x 6" Direct Thermal Labels in a convenient fanfolded format. This listing includes a carton containing 5000 white shipping labels with a permanent adhesive. Designed specifically for thermal label printers, these direct thermal labels provide exceptional convenience as they do not require a ribbon. Compatible with both desktop and industrial thermal label printers, as well as thermal shipping label printers, these labels are versatile and ideal for various labeling applications. Whether you need to print shipping labels, barcodes, or other important information, these 4x6 labels deliver crisp and clear prints with ease. Trust in the quality and reliability of LabelJET's direct thermal labels to meet your labeling needs and streamline your shipping processes.

  • 4" x 6" Shipping Labels
  • Direct Thermal Labels - No Ribbon Required
  • Material: Matte Paper
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • White Color
  • 5,000 labels fanfolded in carton
  • For Desktop and Industrial thermal label printers

Versatile Compatibility with Leading Shipping Services:

LabelJET's 4x6 Direct Thermal Shipping Labels offer seamless compatibility with all the leading shipping services, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, Purolator, Canada Post, USPS, eBay, and Amazon. These labels are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of shipping logistics, ensuring hassle-free printing and accurate labeling for your packages. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, trust in the reliable performance of LabelJET's 4x6 direct thermal shipping labels to streamline your shipping processes and deliver professional results every time.

LabelJET's 4x6 Direct Thermal Labels are crafted from premium direct thermal label paper, ensuring high-quality prints and exceptional durability. The labels feature a strong permanent adhesive that adheres firmly to all types of boxes and packages, providing reliable attachment throughout the shipping process. Designed in a crisp white color, these labels offer excellent visibility and legibility. Additionally, they are engineered to withstand various environmental conditions, including exposure to water, oil, fluids, and potential scratching. Trust in the reliability and durability of LabelJET's 4x6 direct thermal labels to ensure professional-looking and long-lasting labels for all your shipping needs.

Wide Compatibility with Leading Thermal Printer Brands:

LabelJET's 4x6 Direct Thermal Labels offer extensive compatibility with the industry's leading thermal printer brands. These labels are compatible with a wide range of printers, including:

Rollo: Achieve seamless printing with Rollo thermal printers, ensuring accurate and professional labels.

Zebra (Desktop and Industrial Printers): Enjoy compatibility with both Zebra desktop and industrial printers, delivering reliable and high-quality prints for your labeling needs.

Brother (Desktop and Titan Industrial Printers): Experience seamless integration with Brother desktop and Titan industrial printers, ensuring consistent and durable labels.

Citizen (Desktop and Industrial Printers): Trust in the compatibility of LabelJET's 4x6 labels with Citizen desktop and industrial printers, achieving clear and long-lasting labels.

Godex (Desktop and Industrial Printers): Print with confidence using LabelJET's 4x6 labels on Godex desktop and industrial printers, ensuring reliable and professional results.

Toshiba (Desktop and Industrial Printers): Achieve optimal performance and compatibility by using LabelJET's 4x6 labels with Toshiba desktop and industrial printers.

Printronix: Enjoy seamless integration with Printronix printers, delivering high-quality and durable labels for your labeling applications.

TSC: Trust in the compatibility of LabelJET's 4x6 labels with TSC printers, ensuring reliable and consistent printing results.

Datamax: Achieve crisp and accurate labels by using LabelJET's 4x6 labels with Datamax printers.

Honeywell: Experience seamless printing and compatibility with Honeywell printers, ensuring professional-grade labels for your business.

CAB: Trust in the compatibility of LabelJET's 4x6 labels with CAB printers, ensuring efficient and reliable label printing.

SATO: Enjoy compatibility and exceptional print quality by using LabelJET's 4x6 labels with SATO printers, delivering reliable and durable labels.

With such extensive compatibility across leading thermal printer brands, LabelJET's 4x6 direct thermal labels provide you with the flexibility to choose the printer that best suits your needs while ensuring consistent and professional label printing results.

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