Top 3 Zebra 4x6 Shipping Label Printers: A Comprehensive Review

Top 3 Zebra 4x6 Shipping Label Printers: A Comprehensive Review

Posted by JB on 7th Apr 2023

The world of shipping is an intricate labyrinth of operations, and to maintain a seamless workflow, having the right tools is crucial. Zebra Technologies, renowned for their high-quality printing solutions, offer a range of top-tier desktop direct thermal label printers. Among them, three models—Zebra ZD220, ZD421d, and ZD621d—have stood out as top sellers for 4x6 shipping labels. This article will provide a detailed review of these three printers, discussing their features, advantages, and suitability for different shipping operations.

Zebra ZD220: Entry-Level Efficiency

The Zebra ZD220, designed as an entry-level printer, offers reliability and simplicity at an affordable price point. With a print width of 4 inches, a resolution of 203 dpi, and a speed of 5 inches per second, the ZD220 provides a balance of efficiency and quality, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.
This model supports 1-inch core label rolls and can accommodate label rolls with both 4-inch and 5-inch outer diameters, providing flexibility for your specific needs. These sizes equate to 250 and 500 4x6 shipping labels respectively, allowing for fewer label changeovers and thus, more operational efficiency.
Moreover, the ZD220's ease of use is a significant benefit. Its USB connectivity allows for simple setup, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a fuss-free, efficient solution to their shipping label needs.

Zebra ZD421d: Enhanced Performance and Connectivity

The Zebra ZD421d is a step up, providing more speed and enhanced connectivity options. This printer boasts a 4-inch print width, a resolution of 300 dpi, and an impressive speed of 6 inches per second, offering faster, sharper print quality.
Like the ZD220, it supports both 4-inch and 5-inch OD label rolls, providing versatility for your label needs. What sets the ZD421d apart, however, is its dual connectivity—USB and Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE5)—facilitating a broader range of application and offering increased flexibility for your operations.

Zebra ZD621d: The Premium Powerhouse

The Zebra ZD621d, the premium model in this series, offers the highest performance and the most connectivity options. It provides a print width of 4 inches, a resolution of 203 dpi, and an unparalleled speed of 8 inches per second—ideal for businesses with high-volume shipping requirements.
This model is also the most versatile in terms of connectivity, with options for USB, LAN, serial, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE5). This range of connectivity options makes the ZD621d a versatile solution that can seamlessly integrate into various operational setups.

Versatility with Fanfolded Shipping Labels

All three printers can also accommodate 4x6 fanfolded shipping labels, which come in cartons of 500, 4000, or 5000. This capability is particularly beneficial for businesses with extensive shipping needs, as having one carton of 5000 4x6 shipping labels would require significantly fewer changeovers.

Compatibility with Major Shipping Software

These printers are designed to seamlessly integrate with major shipping software such as UPS Worldship, UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, and Canada Post, making them an excellent choice for businesses dealing with multiple couriers.

Convenience of Direct Thermal Printing

Finally, as these are direct thermal printers, they eliminate the need for ribbon installation, further enhancing their ease of use and reducing maintenance needs.


Whether you're a small business owner or a high-volume shipper, Zebra offers top-tier solutions for your shipping label needs. From the affordable ZD220 to the high-speed ZD621d, these printers deliver reliable performance, quality prints, and versatile connectivity options, making them the top-selling choices for 4x6 shipping labels.