Revolutionize Your Shipping Process with Epson Label Boost™ and ColorWorks Printers

Revolutionize Your Shipping Process with Epson Label Boost™ and ColorWorks Printers

Posted by JB on 29th Apr 2024

Label Boost Software - Turn Shipping Labels into Marketing Machines!

Transform your routine shipping labels into vibrant, full-color marketing assets with Epson Label Boost™ and ColorWorks printers. This powerful combination redefines how labels can serve dual purposes—enhancing customer engagement and streamlining your shipping processes.

Shipping Labels, Reimagined

With Label Boost and ColorWorks printers, turn basic black-and-white shipping labels into compelling full-color marketing tools that capture customer attention, reduce operational costs, and improve accuracy and processes.

Power of Marketing on Shipping Labels

  • Dynamic Content: Add full-color coupons, ads, and cross-promotions directly to your shipping labels, tailoring content to customer-specific data like location and delivery date.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Utilize the shipping label real estate to not only guide logistics but also to engage customers further with attractive promotions and offers.

Help Reduce Cost & Streamline Operations

  • Efficiency: Incorporate secondary labels directly into the primary shipping label, saving on material and reducing waste.
  • Improved Processing: Highlight critical shipping and handling instructions to ensure that special requirements, such as for urgent or return shipments, are clearly visible and adhered to.

How Does Label Boost Work?

Label Boost seamlessly integrates with your existing Windows-based printing workflow and Epson ColorWorks printers, allowing for easy customization of labels based on specific shipping details.

Customize Your Labels

Catch your customers’ attention like never before with customized labels that feature vibrant images, QR codes, and special promotions. These colorful labels stand out, making your packages more than just parcels.

Targeted Solutions for Various Sectors

For Retailers & Manufacturers

  • Marketing Efficiency: Skip the hassle and cost of traditional marketing inserts by printing direct advertisements and coupons on your labels.
  • Logistical Improvement: Embed detailed on-label instructions to simplify logistics and reduce handling errors.

For Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers

  • Cost Reduction: Minimize regulatory labeling costs and labor by integrating comprehensive details into a single, streamlined label.
  • New Revenue Streams: Generate additional income by selling advertising space on your shipping labels.

Let the Printer Peel the Label for You!

Experience the efficiency of the CW-C6000P printer with Label Boost. This printer automatically peels the label, readying it for quick application, perfect for high-paced environments. Discover how this technology can fit into semi or fully-automatic print-and-apply systems, offering unmatched flexibility and speed.

Epson ColorWorks Inkjet Color Label Printers

Epson ColorWorks printers utilize CMYK water-based ink cartridges to deliver stunning full-color labels. This technology ensures vibrant prints that are both eye-catching and functional.

Explore the Epson ColorWorks Printer Family

  • Epson CW-C4000: This 4-inch printer is perfect for creating detailed, full-color labels across a variety of applications.
  • Epson CW-C6000P: With CW-C6000P and its peel-and-present feature plus Label Boost Software, this printer is ideal for fast-paced shipping environments requiring full-color label printing.
  • Epson ColorWorks Inks: Designed for durability, these pigment in

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